Saturday, 26 October 2013

Summer Hair Styles

Good day my fellow humans,

How are you all today?.....
Because its coming into summer (here in Australia that is), I thought I could share with you some of my favourite summer hair styles with you because don't we all get sick of wearing our hair the same way all the time. So give these a a little. These are all from my Pinterest account. If you want more hair photos and other stuff go check it out! Heres the link....

So here is Summer Hair Style number 1...
The classic braid and Ponytail. I love the flower that makes it look summery.
 Summer Hair Style number 2.....
Fish tail braid! I love fish tail braids at the moment. They look so awesome on anyone.
 Summer Hair Style number 3....
Braids....I love braids in summertime. Especially in really hot places like here in Australia, I like having my hair out of my face and a braid makes it look cool.

 Summer Hair Styles number 4.....
I dont really know what this one is called, but I'll just call it the upside down braid. I get my mum to do this on me all the time! Ill be a t work (I work at Woolies) and I'll have random people come up to me all like...Hey! Your hair is awesome! Do you do it yourself. And ill be there like...Nah my mum does it.  Awks. But yeah this hair styles is guaranteed to turn heads!
 Summer Hair Styles number 5.....
And finally....The classic messy bun. This is one of my personal favourites because most of the time i cant be bothered to do my hair when i wake up in the morning before school. So, because of my laziness i result in chucking my hair up in a messy bun. You can never lose with this hair style though.
 So I hope you enjoyed.....and i hope this gave you a few ideas for some awesome Summer Hair Styles, they can be for any season though really.
Thanks for reading!
Bonnie :)

Body Image.....

Whats up?,
So, today i went to the beach with my family. At the beach we go to it is packed out on a sunday afternoon with families and groups of teens. But recently i have noticed how many people just sit there and tan. All day long. No, they don't go for a swim.......they sit there and tan for hours on end. Not only is that really bad for you but its a bit sad.
Body image these days is a massive thing for some people. Its really sad that people have to do so much to themselves and spend so much money on things to make themselves feel like they fit in.
I fall into that trap myself a lot. Not saying that getting a pampering is a bad thing like getting your nails done. I love getting dressed up. But things like spending hundreds of dollars on ageing creams. I mean whats the point. Those things are only temporary solutions to try and fix a problem thats going to happen whether you like it or not.
So i leave you with an awesome little nail tutorial that you can try yourself to make you feel pretty with out all the fuss.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Teenage Struggles

Hey Guys,
So, i got a new laptop (macbook air)....that means that i will posting a lot more. Yay!

So. its come to my realisation over the past week, that a lot of adults these days think that teenagers now days have it so good. They compare how hard there childhood and school life was to how ours is now.
For example, In my day I had to walk 2 miles to and from school everyday, or we weren't naughty at school everyone was very well behaved and respectful, or teenagers nowadays are spoilt they get everything handed to them on a silver platter.
But... all these things are not true. Sure we don't have to walk 2 miles to school. Thats because we have cars and public transport.
Adults saying we don't have it tough really annoys me. Whats tough is having to deal with the severe bullying that occurs in our school, whats tough is having the pressure of drugs alcohol and sex, whats tough is having the pressure of body image and what society thinks we should all look like, Having the pressure of fitting into everyone else's mould, whats tough is trying to deal with parents not being around when they should because they are both off working all the time, whats hard is being expected to finish school get a further education and get an amazing job.
1 in every 4 teenagers are diagnosed with depression, i got to a school with a student population of 1200. So, that would mean that 300 teens in my school alone have depression and they are pretty good at hiding it.
Adults need to live a day in our lives today and see what it is really like to live as a teenager in the 21st century. (I bet they wouldn't survive 1 day in our high schools)
Sure, there are those few obnoxious teens that give everyone a bad name. But what have they been through?....I bet if you asked them, something has happened in their life that not kid should have to go through.
Im not saying life wasn't hard for our pedants, they had their issues and troubles that they faced. They just need to realise that we don't have it any easier.

Just had to get that little rant off my chest.
Stay beautiful,